Digital marketing strategies

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Digital transformation

Humans are at the heart of every digital strategy


The success of your transformation will depend on making the right technological choices⁠ and on how well they are adopted by your team and clients.


Royal Gramma facilitates this transition with an approach based on participation and data analysis. We guide our clients through every step of the transformation process with sound advice, coaching and training. We are right there with you, always.


Our expertise in business transformation includes developing new business models, recommending proven strategies, building ambitious, yet concrete road maps, coaching executives and their teams, and ensuring the deployment of better practices. But our objectives remain the same: to create value for your customers and to facilitate how your team adopts new technology.

Digital commerce

Selling more, selling better


Taking your digital commerce to the next level requires a good, hard look at your digital infrastructure, business model and internal processes.


In addition to developing your e-commerce platforms, Royal Gramma will also guide you through the optimization of your operations. Our team offers support through the search for tech partners, the building of your internal teams and even a refresh of your business model. Our expert recommendations go beyond the interface.

Customer experience (CX) strategy

Refining the omnichannel client journey


To make the right impression online, brands must understand their customers' motivations and leverage technology to simplify their journey


Before building a new interface, Royal Gramma analyzes your current customer journey and their needs. We believe that the best user experiences are simple, clear and intuitive at every touchpoint. Every element of your experience, including transactions, data capture and content, must be considered and maximized. Having a strong CX strategy is what enables us to deliver a UI/UX experience that is engaging, optimized and high-performance.

Content strategy

Attracting, engaging and converting with great content


Your brand has so much to say. Whether you're in B2C or B2B, you need to share relevant, high-performance and customized content.


Royal Gramma creates, plans and deploys strategies that will optimize your customer journey. Our approach to content strategy is based on your real business needs—it's the only way to make a significant impact on your traffic, leads and sales. We aim to maximize your ROI by getting the right message out to the right people at the right time.