Online experience

Want to improve conversion? Deliver a digital experience that's built on real customer needs and that's optimized for your business goals.

Customer experience (CX) strategy

Understanding user needs and eliminating pain points


Digital commerce requires companies to constantly optimize their online customer experience. We will help you rethink various customer journeys through an omnichannel approach that best serves your business goals. The experience that you provide will be optimized end-to-end, including content, transactions and data capture.


Royal Gramma promises to deliver a consistent experience from start to finish, one that is flexible enough to evolve as needed, but anchored by reliable content, transactions and data capture to ensure performance and full autonomy.


Our expertise in business transformation includes developing new business models, recommending proven strategies, building ambitious, yet concrete road maps, coaching executives and their teams, and ensuring the deployment of better practices. But our objectives remain the same: the create value for your customers and to facilitate how your team appropriate the new technology.

Interface (UI/UX) design

Deploying your brand identity on the web.


Your online platform is often the first point of contact between customers and your brand, so make that first impression a good one. Whether you need to translate your brand identity to the digital sphere or evolve your online image to better meet your business goals, our team is ready for the challenge. Our objective is to make your brand memorable and relevant through an engaging digital experience.


Our art directors and UI designers will craft a visual design and compelling experience to emotionally engage customers on your platform.